Marine Logistics

Marine logistics services company in Lagos Nigeria
Marine logistics services company in Lagos Nigeria

We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities and can provide the right vessel to meet our customer’s needs. Our vessels serve drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work. Our vessels provide all services for exploration, development and production activities including:

  • Towing and anchor handling.
  • Delivery of cargo and supplies, fuel, water and food to offshore rigs and platforms
  • Transportation for offshore Construction & maintenance work
  • Ocean Towing.
  • Transportation for personnel and Standby Safety
  • Providing safety and emergency response services and, supporting offshore construction projects.

Offshore Equipment Platform/Offshore Supply Vessels

  • Ranges in size from 50m to 76m
  • Simultaneous discharge of multiple cargoes
  • Accommodation
  • High capacities for bulk materials and liquid mud.
  • Fire fighting
  • Oil Spill response

Fast Support Vessels & Crewboats
Anchor Handling & Towing Supply Vessels
Mini Supply Vessels
Utility / Workboats
Survey / Research Vessels
Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSV)

Accreditation and Membership