About Zota Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited

ZOTA Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian Company incorporated in June, 2009 with the primary aim of providing complete package of services to oil and gas industry in the area of Pipeline production facility maintenance, Supply of Skilled manpower and oil tools, marine supply vessel, tug boats, jack up barges, dredgers for dredging, consulting service and training.


The company is staffed with seasoned Nigeria Professionals of high integrity, moral rectitude and aggregate years of petroleum industry experience.


We supply, Install and maintain Oil and Gas pipes and drilling Equipment for the upstream and downstream sector. We also provide Marine Logistic Support as well as Consulting services in Health, Safety and Environment.


ZOTA was established to play a dominant and leading role in the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. In order to attain the height envisioned, the company has taken a firm foothold in the oil and gas sector of the country.


Due to the ever increasing demand of oil in the world today and the population growth of some developing world economies and their attendant effects, the need to increase the production of oil cannot be over emphasized.